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Nutrition 15 Toxic Truths You need to Know About How better Food choices can make you Win the game of Life Here are the Toxic Truths that you need to be aware of and remember this is you and your families health so pay attention and be aware. Organic foods are really good for you. Foods sprayed with herbicides, pesticides, and other toxins are not. Choose wisely! The insecticides or hormones eaten by or injected into cows can be passed into their milk, which be.es your milk. Scary! Fat is when toxins are stored in mammals. Therefore, when you eat animal fat, you may be eating their toxins, too. Anti-fuels are loser fuels. Powered sugar drinks, chips, and boxed pastries that sit on supermarket shelves for weeks on end are mostly labmade anti-fuels. Unreal. Artificial, lab-made chips, cheese, and ice cream are fake foods. Get Real! Fake foods are sickening. Mant fast food shakes are fake shakes loaded with artificial who knows what! Try making your own healthier shake with yogurt, fruit, and nuts. Like a Vanilla Almond shake yummy! Fake foods can hang around your gut for a long time! We all know that to be true and we love our Abs! How long do you think a fast food burger that your body can’t digest sits in your intestines? Longer than a day? No, usually much longer. Ask me I’ll give you a really good lean turkey burger recipe no problem. Your body can handle the toxins of one bag of French fries. The problems start when you pile on the fries, sodas, fast food burgers, toaster pastries, colored sugared cereals, grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, and chocolate chip cookies day after day. Need I go on! To these poor choices the toxins and physical demands of your sports plus the stresses of your school. This is when your body heads into absolute overload. There is just so much of this magic body of yours can handle until it breaks down on you. "Overload, overdone!" Sometime and somewhere it just says "Enough." Would you ever put soda into the gas tank of your car? Are you a Pinto or a Porche? .e on its your choice! Do you think the engine will break? Well guess what soda doesn’t belong in your body either. It’s simple eat more of your friends not enemies. Your friends are clean water, veggies, fruits, nuts, other legumes, grains, fish, and lean meats. The enemies are (simple carbohydrates), hydrogenenated and trans fatty acid processed fake foods. Save junk food treats for 1 meal a week as your reward for fueling your body with incredible gasoline for better performance. In the meantime, enjoy fresh foods like a juicy red apple and teaspoon of .anic Peanut butter! Crocodiles have lived for millions of years on freshly caught food! Hmmm makes you think doesn’t it! I hope you understand the message my friends its loud and clear take care of you we only have one life to live and our health is very important. Don’t wait until its too late start living well. Have a happy and healthy day! By, Natalie Pyles Health and Fitness Expert, Nutrition Specialist, Author, & NSA Speaker About the Author: 相关的主题文章: