4 people refused to vacate occupied housing by a bailiff arrested 15 days synnex

4 people refused to vacate occupied housing by a bailiff arrested 15 days after the bite, female bailiff arm leave obvious teeth marks city times chief reporter Zhang Yujie original title: outsider occupied the house involved the court refused to cooperate with the bailiff Tengfang bite smashed the vase 6 years ago, a week to borrow about 3200000 yuan has a high friend not yet. In order to repay the arrears, the high will be a week to court. After the verdict, Zhou still not repayment, a high court to apply for enforcement of a set of real estate. Who, the housing has been an outsider Yang Mouqiang accounted for. Yesterday, the Guandu District Court Enforcement Bureau when forced to vacate the room, Yang made the scene, not only to climb to the window shouting to jump, but also urged the mother to drink pesticide. Was stopped after the execution of the bailiff side eye, Yang will bite the bailiff. Eventually, Yang and other 4 people refused to cooperate with the court Teng also involved in housing, Guandu District Court for judicial detention for 15 days. Real people: the debtor’s house is his morning, Guandu District Court of the Executive Board of officers came to the District of Guandu district headquarters base star by debetor the Zhou house, on the set of two storey houses involved to take coercive measures tengfang. When the executive forced to vacate the room door, the woman made a scene of yang. Yang is the case of outsiders, due to the debtor and the debtor involved in the relationship, Yang said Zhou has sold the house to her, she is the owner of the house". The executive judge introduction, November 2010, Zhou due to the difficulties in the capital turnover to a friend in a high borrowing $3 million 260 thousand and issued a promissory note. After a loan due to repay, Gao Zhou court and request the court to be seized of Zhou in the star headquarters base of a house. Guandu district court after hearing the verdict, Zhou repay a high loan principal 326 yuan. Zhou appeal, Kunming City Intermediate People’s Court of final appeal upheld. Enforcee: stress housing sales contracts signed after the entry into force of the judgment, Zhou still did not pay a high to Guandu District Court for enforcement. March 2012, the executive yuan of the court of the house posted a notice of the house teng. But during this period, the case of Yang Yang raised objections. Yang said that in December 29, 2010, she signed a contract with Zhou housing sales, and a one-time payment of 4 million yuan to buy the house. She has paid off the principal and the actual possession, but did not apply for transfer procedures, housing should be owned by her, Guandu district court to lift the seizure of housing. Due to the payment of housing provided by Yang, the purchase contract and other evidence can not prove that the purchase has been paid in full, the Guandu District Court rejected Yang’s objection request. Yang refused to accept the ruling for reconsideration, the Kunming City Intermediate People’s court asked the debtor Zhou, Zhou said that Yang stress signed housing contracts of sale, the two sides only borrowing relationship does not exist, the sale of housing, Yang and the evidence can not prove that the purchase was a one-time payment. Accordingly, the Kunming intermediate people’s court rejected the application for reconsideration of Yang, confirmed that the Department of housing is still a week. Since then until 2014, Yang has been raised objections, the Kai相关的主题文章: