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Sales Montecristo is the only most popular Cuban cigar brand with the benchmark petit corona (or mareva), and Montecristo no.4 is also the best selling Havana cigar in the whole world. Additions to the series in the current years consist of the enormously well-liked Edmundo as well as Petit Edmundo. The very much rated limited editions like Montecristo D, Sublimes as well as Grand Edmundo have also kept this brand remarkably successful. This brand was established by Alonso Menendez with Pepe Garcia in 1935. Merging a good sense of quality with some superb promotion, Menendez as well as Garcia managed to get higher to the top and turned into the standard that other cigars are measured up to. Thought for the name Montecristo was derived from The Count of Monte Cristo written by Alexandre Dumas which was considered a fictional classic, like the Cuban cigars are a classic! Cigar manufacturing unit rollers were (and still are) a lot seen reading books by ‘El Lector’ and undoubtedly this book is one of their favorites. Probably, this might be for the reason that it is a superb adventure tale regarding a man who finds enormous wealth and seeks out revenge on his tormenter. These are quality controlled extremely cautiously, according to English Market Selection (EMS) standards. The flavor: Now like with everything, it cannot only be advertising that makes such a successful brand name, possibly even more so with cigars. Montecristo cigars have the gift to fulfill every need, whether it is a morning smoke you are on the lookout for, or one for late at the nighttime, following a big meal, you can come across a Montecristo to go well with all the occasions. These medium to full-flavored Montecristo Cuban cigars are quite familiar to the palate, because of their one of its kind tobacco blend and their very typical taste. They go with a Colorado – Colorado maduro covering, however as with all brands, these are usually offered with all wrapper shades. These are hand rolled and of excellent quality. If you think that Montecristo is the way to go for you, either as a fan, or as a first time smoker, one should seek a fine selection from the whole collection. Nowadays, there are many online Cuban cigars suppliers, providing Cuban cigars for sale for all the Havana fans. Most of them offer authentic products to satisfy the needs of their clients. Article Source: .goarticles../article/Montecristo-Cigars-in-Detail/7827808/ About the Author: 相关的主题文章: