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Travel-and-Leisure Non Nuoc beach spread 5 km within a supply, the smooth white sand, the slope tho?i phone, in green, long and full of sunshine and wind. Environment where real good, the ideal temperature, less affected by the North East monsoon, the conditions for tourists to stay year-round maintenance. Non Nuoc under the sea Da Nang, was Forbes, Journal top U.S. vote is one of the beautiful beaches and attractive to the planet in 2005. Here is the Sandy Beach Resort construction and management. Sandy Beach Resort is located on 16 hectares along the beach Non Water, just a series of villas in the, in total harmony can not cool the sea, may still be open from all angles with modern facilities. The restaurant and bar with stylish items in rustic, close to nature. Sandy Beach Resort has many fun activities on the sea as interesting fishing, water credit, Surfing… You can soak in sea blue, or cool half romp with the white waves rapt to the buckets, .fortable breathing strained chest fresh air. Along the beach, on the basis of the white sand forests are many non-working blue-year-old well, shady cool, the wind blowing vu. This is a place of rest, camping, epidermis ideal. The time explore and play, you can relax with a bit of .e, jacuzzi and Sauna. Screen when night falls, on the moon, you can drop your chair on the long coastal quiet .passion, listening to the melodious sea waves and enjoy huy?n virtual space. Features of Non Nuoc is to chat with from the waves, climate, weather, the salty … it with the type of sports on the sea, is subject Sliding waves (surfing). In 1993, where the waves of the International Center with the participation of nearly 40 athletes from many countries in the world. Non Nuoc Beach also has many specialties such as delicious fresh sea squid, shrimp, crabs, real estate … for you to enjoy, with seaweed t?o rare as gold just me rong, rong me duck legs valuable export high. Non sea water from just 5 minutes walk you can visit famous landscapes occupies threshold Ngu Hanh Son (also known as Non Nuoc) has been ranked the state historic country in 1980. Ngu Hanh Son with possible 5 granite mountains are majestic name: Kim Son, Moc Son, Thuy Son, and Hoa Son painter symbolize the 5 elements of the universe (the theory of Five). In the mountains there are many ancient Temples, many caves of deep, mysterious. Ngu Hanh Son at the beautiful landscape painting corporeity water. There is also a big effort to travel with the incense, religions, beliefs. Special festival "Quan The m" on 19 / 2 lunar year attracted over a large male and female religious tourists near distance of the tray, creating a landscape of bold colorful traditional homeland . Under Ngu Hanh Son mountain village with stone art Non Nu?c famous – a traditional village – an impressive tour of Da Nang and the region. You are not from the body before the art work is from the stone. Each file is shown the features of flowers, the essence of the artists – the people out of each stone, each Tho and blowing for the stone in both talent and heart of their blood. Products of the village was the work sculpture features bring cultural characteristics that art and rich as Buddha, the holy, the people, like the animal… within rock wear many hands slippery Lang color, sculpt sophisticated, elaborately, attractive to, shopping. Existing roads big, beautiful coastal newly built and put into use to connect tourist Non Water – Ngu Hanh Son with Nam, Dien Ngoc, Hoi An, south, connecting North America An, Da Nang, selling Son Tra island on the north makes this place is no tourist destination that single populations can be found in the sights, stay nursing Festival. Non Nuoc – Ngu Hanh Son are standing before the development to be.e a tourist center famous, attracting increasingly crowded domestic and international to visit and relax. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: