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Princess Zhang Yuxi "disease" crying scene appealing bear Knight protect lead whirlwind tears – Sohu entertainment Zhang Yuxi Zhang Yuxi, stills, bear Knight Mike stills Zhang Yuxi "Princess disease" still     Sohu entertainment news network drama "dear princess," disease this week non members will usher in the sixth set, this because in directed by Qi Wei as the artistic director, Zhang Yuxi, Chen Bairong, MIKE, Taixing Du? Starring works, with its "two story" in the summer brings a strong pink love opera after a whirlwind, many viewers said "a girl heart again." Zhang Yuxi crying scene beauty "burst" princess who arouses pity "dear princess," disease non members have today updated Sixth sets, with promoting the plot, in this episode, Zhang Yuxi as the "Princess" forest stars will "trouble" in dance. Not only by the "Prince of disease" as Zheng Chuyao’s public humiliation, was also broken wine rich girl cold acid language ridicule, a whole story to highlight the "abuse". Zhang Yuxi as the "Princess" for the first time to confide and inner struggle, so the story of child heart let the audience fans shouted distressed, many users lamented the opera "the princess cried beauty to burst, and the scraper support" not bow, the crown will fall". Zhang Yuxi "battered" despair bears the audience warm heart Guardian Knight whirlwind tears in the plot setting, each rider will bear out "adorable love" atmosphere. When the princess and the trees are in despair, there will always be a knight in silence. In this concentration, it is enough to make the audience tears. As an important role in the play, such as the bear rider fairy tale prince, princess in the window lift brand props to comfort the wounded Princess Lin stars cheer. An adorable and child style audience whirlwind tears with emotion, a girl heart many years of silence again.相关的主题文章: