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Hardware Sometimes while you are working on your .puter all on a sudden the .puter gets the ‘blue screen of death’. Some other times when you are going to boot up your .puter, it gets the same death screen. If you face these types of troubles with your .puter you will know that your .puter has got problems with the memory. Sometimes it also happens that once you get the death screen on a boot up but on next boot up you will get to do the normal working on it. You may think these to be just some minor problems but ignoring these issues can cause serious damage to your .puter. .puter repair experts suggest taking back up of all important data and documents if you face these sorts of troubles on your .puter. If you notice strange .puter behavior like a sudden blank screen, it can be a symptom of memory problem. If your .puter crashes more often than usual then also you can diagnose it as a symptom of memory troubles. Sometimes you notice that your .puter is not at all performing or has be.e unbelievably slow when you are trying to do some multitasking on it. If running of certain programs were possible before but running them now on your PC makes it shut down every time you try to do could be a big sign of memory problems. If you notice that your .puter cant run several programs at the same time, you will know that your .puter memory needs an upgrade or replacement. Some programs like photo applications or video games need big memory. If you have these programs then also your .puter can face these sorts of problems. If you notice your .puter crashes more often than usual you will know that your .puter needs more memory. Sometimes you notice that your .puter is not starting up. It seems to be just dead. This can also happen due to memory problem. Actually memory problem in PC can resist the PC to boot up. If you hear long beep sound or any type of noises you will know that these are the sign of memory troubles. .puter repair experts suggest that you can consider replacing your .puter memory in such cases. If your .puter shows troubles in showing any graphics on the screen, this can also be due to the memory problems. However it can also happen due to the video card problems too. .puter repair experts suggest that you should check both possibilities when you face troubles like this. These sorts of .puter memory problems are not very difficult to fix. Adding a new memory most often solve the problems. But if you are not confident enough then you can go to any .puter repair shop and they will test the .puter considering all possibilities. They will replace the memory for you too. But if you are confident that you can be your own .puter technician then you can go ahead with adding memory to your .puter. Adding memory will solve these troubles on your .puter. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: