The article points like derailed team Ma Rong taken up the banner of micro-blog-sugus

The article points like "derailed" team micro-blog: Ma Rong and Ma Yili recently taken up the banner of the article, there are sharp eyed netizens discovered the point like a micro-blog, the micro-blog comments entertainment exposure in recent years all people including articles, derailed, Hawick Lau, Chen and Huang Haibo, said: "the old small, married and unmarried, every boy seemed to make one or two mistakes. But Ma Rong @ golden ear rabbit women cheat a person to carry this banner, and do all men and derailed the news well-matched in strength. Is not easy." The article points like the article micro-blog micro-blog point praise in November 18th, and until today, in November 23rd, the article did not cancel the point of praise, melon people say this is to engage in things? One message: "the article is not micro-blog and stolen?" "The article is good". Related news articles on the play, craving the hand cannot smoke puff (Figure) in smoking in October 17th, Wang Qinan appeared in a dream of Red Mansions ", the Shanghai Theater Academy first step" into the film and television lectures, and the drama students face to face on film art and culture. The same day, wearing a baseball cap, the eye-catching beautiful orange sports watch watchband, dressed in jeans and Vest Jacket debut. In the lecture scene during the lecture, the article not only drink beer, do not fight back from the smoke, when craving. Direct smoke in the lecture scene, like speech stimulate their own ideas. After the derailment reported negative ridden, the article turns behind the scenes, he had self ridicule: because I play love drama no one believes." The hand cannot smoke with exposing deeper, more transparent, more unspeakable secrets, all in the "Phoenix gossip" (micro signal: entifengvip), add free reading.相关的主题文章: