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"Wang Yongqiang" haven’t met in a long time cooperation Zheng Kai doctor to heal Sohu Wang Yongqiang entertainment "haven’t met in a long time" from the Sohu entertainment news recently, by the Shanghai Yao passenger culture media Co., Huayi Brothers Media Group Co produced, directed by Kim ye, Wang Yongqiang, Zheng Kai, Yang Zi and other actors in the United Shan City emotional drama "for a long time see" is hot shot. The two degree of cooperation with Wang Yongqiang, Zheng Kai, acting as director of the director ding. TV drama "haven’t met in a long time" about he carries the dream of Hector after returning to the unfortunate accident, lost the ability to walk, life fall into the trough. The doctor Ding director’s guidance and help, to regain confidence, actively cooperate with the rehabilitation training, to return to the business, and ultimately love blossoming flowers to create their own piece of heaven and earth story. Wang Yongqiang plays he he doctor, do not want to see a dream youth so live in the shadow of death, try to help the recovery, at the same time from the psychological counseling, so that he gradually out of the low life. This drama is the second time that Wang Yongqiang and Zheng Kai cooperate with previous experience, two people work together very well, into the role is also very fast, two people to the scene is laughing very well. Wang Yongqiang said: "once again the feeling of cooperation is very good, because they are more understanding of each other, so with more understanding." Wang Yongqiang has starred in numerous villains, and always will be such popular character. And the star of life-saving doctor, Wang Yongqiang will be how to control the handle of the characters in the play, let us look forward to.   相关的主题文章: